Frequently asked questions

How do I Book the Diamond Jubilee Organ

Engagements local to the Boston area may be booked either as a half or full day. Beyond Eastern Massachusetts engagements are full day only. Multi-day engagements are welcome and subject to discounted pricing. For details or to reserve a date please email Roger at or call 508-358-2563 0r mobile 617-875-9107.

How much does it cost?

Many factors go into pricing-- number of days, traveling distance, ability to combine trips, inclusion of meals and housing etc. We are happy to work with you to come up with an arrangement that suits your organization.

Is it loud enough?

While not loud on a rock-and-roll scale, this instrument was designed to attract attention on a busy fairground midway, and it will. It is a real pipe organ, there is no volume control. On a quiet day it can be heard several hundred yards away. Please be aware of this in planning use of the organ.

What are the site requirements?

The organ requires a firm, level surface with ample room to maneuver a large, heavy truck pulling a 24 ft trailer. There must be paved road leading to the site. A minimum of 13 ft overhead clearance is required wherever the trailer is to travel, 16 ft is required for raising the roof for operation. The trailer will not be opened if there is any danger of contact with overhead electric lines.

The organ requires two dedicated, independent 20A 120V non-GFCI circuits (not just two outlets!) for electrical power.

It is ideal to locate the organ in a shaded area or facing the North or East. On hot summer days late afternoon sun on the pipes will throw the organ out of tune.

Can you still play if we can't provide electrical power?

Yes, the organ can operate anywhere. If electric power (two dedicated, independent 20A 120V circuits without GFCI protection) is not available there will be a surcharge of $20/hour for use of our quiet diesel generator.

What if it rains?

The Jubilee is valuable antique organ that can be damaged by extreme weather. The trailer design allows the organ to be displayed and played in most conditions, but we will not risk damage to the organ. The decision to play or not is at the sole discretion of the owner/operator. There are no refunds for time not played due to weather.

Can you play my favorite tune?

If we have it we're happy to play it. With sufficient advanced notice (months) it is possible to commission new arrangements for the organ.

Are there concessions associated with the organ?

Unless you request otherwise we will sell CD recordings of the organ. At larger fairs and festivals we may ask for a 10' x 10' tent to be located adjacent to the organ for the sale of recordings and other carousel, carnival, and circus-related items.