Concept 1--based on a Gavioli design

Concept 2--based on a Marenghi design

Concept 1:

Here's the catalog print of the starting point:


Here I've put it into photoshop, stretched it, cut off the high top, gotten rid of the figures, and added a couple of swans off another Gavioli of the same vintage. It's not right yet, but it is a start. The sentral section will need to be 12 feet wide and about 7'6" for the organ case behind the facade.


Here's another design from the same catalog with some nice features:


Finally, here is the "Southsea" Gavioli, another fine Art Nouveau facade to use for inspiration

Concept 2:

I recently received a number of old Marenghi organ designs from Dave Smith, and they have provided another inspiration. Starting with these images:

I played with them in Photoshop and generated this:
There are still problems with this that I'm not smart enough to fix in PS. The vertical columns in the upper section need to align with the lower ones, and probably need to be a bit heavier to better match the weight of the lower section. The next step is to work our dragons into the design. The basic concept is illustrated in Andrew Whitehead's organ shown below. In place of the horses we're imagining a pair of dragons facing each other, slightly reared back holding a large pearl between them at the top center of the organ. We'd then pick up the dragon theme in the paintings and perhaps some of the other carvings.


Examples of brass clarinet and trumpet/trombone ranks